Our volunteers are registered!

There was some craziness with registration last weekend, but everyone has finally and officially signed up for their respective Alternative Spring Breaks!!!!!! YAYYYYY!!!



We are BEYOND excited to meet our volunteers and tell them about all the amazing service and Puerto Rican things we will be doing (eating, dancing, beaching, etc.)



We hope you (our volunteers, who should be studying this blog on the daily) can all come to the Pre-Break extravaganza on March 1, where there will be some muy buenas exhibits about our issue area and we will have the opportunity to form inside jokes that we will repeatedly mention during our flight to San Juan. AYYAYYY!!!!


aaaand we’re back :D

Hola mi gente!

How was your break?  We spent ours dreaming of how awesome this trip is going to be….Spring Break is coming up very soon!!!!

And with the awesomeness of ASB rising up over the horizon are 2 super-informative information sessions!

These info sessions will take place THIS Tuesday and Wednesday night at 8pm in the GSU Back Court!  (January 24 and 25). Here are the links to the facebook events:


Come learn about our trip and meet us in person!!  We’re really not that awkward 🙂

OH and if you are serious about going on our ASB trip, REGISTRATION IS THIS SUNDAY MORNING!!

Did you get that?




Spring semester is HERE!….so get pumped.  like seriously, ASB SAN JUAN is going to be AWESOME! #yeabuddy

My photoshop skillz are nasty.


Feliz Navidad! (well, almost)

Welcome to our holiday post!

Since .01% of people in Puerto Rico are Jewish, Christmas basically runs the (Holiday) show. So…

Welcome to our Christmas post!

Christmas in Puerto Rico, while heavily influenced by typical American traditions (yes, they have Christmas trees and santa), has some awesome traditions of it’s own.

On Christmas Eve, boricuas go from house to house singing carols, stop at each house to nom on ‘pasteles’ (cakes), Rice and peas, roasted pig, and drink ‘coquito’ (their version of egg-nog), then continue on singing until the BREAK. OF. DAWN. Awesome.

And now we leave you with this (obviously):


Stay tuned to find out what these awesome people do for New Years and Three Kings Day on January 6th!


Hello future volunteers! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT’S DECEMBER???? We can’t either.

Basically, December means that we are like 3.5 months away from being in San Juan, Puerto Rico to do some amazing service!

Don’t you worry, we will be talking more about the service in future posts, but we want to tell you about why San Juan is so great in and of its lovely self!!



So, we’ve  been doing some pretty exciting stuff every Friday from noon to 1 in the Community Service Center up here on the fourth floor of the GSU…


What exactly have we been up to?

We’ve researched WHERE exactly we will be doing our service:  Iniciativa Comunitaria in San Juan

We’ve emailed our site contact: Anyeline Céspedes López (and she loved our “lindo detalle” of sending her a photo with our first email)

We started making our trip information packet for our future volunteers

We’ve made a beautiful board square for the ASB board!!!!

Stay tuned for more info and come visit us on Fridays!

Carlos y Shelagh

Let’s go CO-CO NUTS!

Time to meet the San Juan co-coordinators (AKA: Co-Co’s)!!!

Carlos Barrero

Hometown: Valley Stream, NY

Major: Public Relations

Year: Junior

Why are you excited to go to San Juan for ASB??? To unleash my inner obnoxious Latino 😉


Shelagh Mollohan

Hometown: Derry, NH

Major: Political Science & Spanish

Year: Senior

Why are you excited to go to San Juan for ASB??? To learn about a new area of service… and pretend to be Latina




Stay tuned to our blog for interesting facts about San Juan, our community service, and what we’ll be doing on the best Spring Break. EVER.

PREPARATE! (…get ready)

Carlos and Shelagh!

Community Service. Get it.