aaaand we’re back :D

Hola mi gente!

How was your break?  We spent ours dreaming of how awesome this trip is going to be….Spring Break is coming up very soon!!!!

And with the awesomeness of ASB rising up over the horizon are 2 super-informative information sessions!

These info sessions will take place THIS Tuesday and Wednesday night at 8pm in the GSU Back Court!  (January 24 and 25). Here are the links to the facebook events:

Come learn about our trip and meet us in person!!  We’re really not that awkward 🙂

OH and if you are serious about going on our ASB trip, REGISTRATION IS THIS SUNDAY MORNING!!

Did you get that?



Spring semester is HERE!….so get pumped.  like seriously, ASB SAN JUAN is going to be AWESOME! #yeabuddy

My photoshop skillz are nasty.



One response

  1. Hey guys! I just received my registration email from the CSC today about ASB I am soo excited to be going to Puerto Rico and volunteering at the Iniciativa Comunitaria.


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