Feliz Navidad! (well, almost)

Welcome to our holiday post!

Since .01% of people in Puerto Rico are Jewish, Christmas basically runs the (Holiday) show. So…

Welcome to our Christmas post!

Christmas in Puerto Rico, while heavily influenced by typical American traditions (yes, they have Christmas trees and santa), has some awesome traditions of it’s own.

On Christmas Eve, boricuas go from house to house singing carols, stop at each house to nom on ‘pasteles’ (cakes), Rice and peas, roasted pig, and drink ‘coquito’ (their version of egg-nog), then continue on singing until the BREAK. OF. DAWN. Awesome.

And now we leave you with this (obviously):


Stay tuned to find out what these awesome people do for New Years and Three Kings Day on January 6th!



Hello future volunteers! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT’S DECEMBER???? We can’t either.

Basically, December means that we are like 3.5 months away from being in San Juan, Puerto Rico to do some amazing service!

Don’t you worry, we will be talking more about the service in future posts, but we want to tell you about why San Juan is so great in and of its lovely self!!